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About ThreeSixNine

ThreeSixNine ( is a music, arts & entertainment platform dedicated to bringing you the best that Ireland and beyond has to offer. Our Platform is aimed at giving creatives a level playing field with an environment of support and dedication to help build a fairer industry that’s fully inclusive.

ThreeSixNine Media 
Our media arm aims to provide digital media services to fellow musician, journalists and filmmakers etc.  Our services include poster design, web design, animation, social media management and video production (see below). If you would like to have a consultation or enquire about our services please email [email protected]

ThreeSixNine Productions
All our podcasts, livestreams and video production falls under this umbrella. We create full length documentaries alongside social media content. If you would like to avail of our services please email [email protected]

The Creative Network
We want to build an environment where everyone no matter what level gets a chance to express themselves equally. With this network we want to work with fellow platforms to support those who need it. We believe if we work together with a common cause we can make our industry stronger and in turn generate some of the best musicians, poets, writers and all round creatives.

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