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Living Life In Lockdown – Indigo Lights

Source: Indigo Lights (Facebook)

Indigo Lights is a Dublin Rock band founded in 2020 by Ger Gallagher who Writes, Records and Produces his Music alongside Gav McCormack in Studio Seven. With earlier releases such as ”Goodbye Farewell” which was also released this year, ”Living Life in Lockdown” is now the follow-up single and alongside their prior release it too reached number 1 in the iTunes Rock Chart and number 2 on the Main iTunes Charts. Listening to this song we can’t help but feel that mid 00’s vibe with a modern pop-rock element which shines through and even though the subject is serious it gives you a sense of hope and will uplift your spirits, that I can guarantee.

This song was written about the frustration we all can feel in this current lockdown, wishing for it to come to an end safely so we can all get back to the lives we once knew and at times took for granted and this song is definitely a bright light we all need at the end of the tunnel. Living Life in Lockdown is now available on all streaming platforms and we urge you to go like, share, comment and playlist this song on spotify as it’s sure to lift you up. All links below.


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