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Summer Boy – Crescent Moon (feat. Conman Conrad)

Summer Boy is a romantic and uplifting Summer song by Galway rapper and Producer Crescent Moon that sets the mood for brighter days and explains that the song deals with the reality of a Summer with Covid and contrasts normal plans for the Summer with our current situation. There is a longing for a return to regular life but the message is that ultimately we must compromise and do what we can to get by with the people we care about.

As well as a laid back rap verse from Galway’s Crescent Moon, Summer Boy features a verse from Dublin rapper Conman Conrad and beautiful backing vocals from Dublin pop singer Viscose that compliment the beat perfectly.

This song will definitely be on many playlists to get you in the mood for those long summer nights and a bit of normality that we all need. Stream ”Summer Boy” via the Spotify player below.

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